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The Barra MacNeils at Vic Juba Community Theatre


lloydminster_meridian_boosterSimon Arseneau

Multimedia Journalist

For the group Barra MacNeils music is not just a career, it is a family business that has been going on for nearly 30 years.

MacNeil siblings Kyle, Lucy, Sheumas, Stewart, Boyd, and Jamie Gatti have been performing for audiences since 1986 with an assortment of instruments such as piano, Celtic harp, guitar, flute, banjo, and the accordion.

“My three older brothers, Sheumas, Kule and Stewart, they performed the three of them for many years as the MacNeil brothers, and then the Barra MacNeils,” said Lucy MacNeil. “My first stint was actually Expo ‘86 in Vancouver, that was my first full summer with the Barra MacNeils. We’ve been going ever since.”

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