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Seasonal cheer for Charlottetown on Dec 20

The Barra MacNeils are bringing plenty of seasonal cheer to Charlottetown with a concert set for Thursday, Dec 20, at the Confederation Centre of the Arts.
“It goes from a kitchen party to midnight mass in the span of one show,” said MacNeil. “The variety is what keeps people interested and involved, and we love how involved the audience reacts while we’re on stage. People clapping along, stomping feet and singing, that is what it is truly all about and especially if folks are coming in out of the cold during the holidays.”

Christmas spirit in Peterborough on Dec. 12

The Barra MacNeils have been known to ignite the Christmas spirit. At least that’s what they’ve been told, anyway.

Kyle MacNeil said he’s often told audience members say they weren’t in the holiday spirit until they saw An East Coast Christmas.

The Barra MacNeils will be in Peterborough Wednesday to help fans get into the holiday groove.