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The Barra MacNeils are step dancing their way to Cornwall



By Shawna O’Neill, Special to TC Media .Published on May 15, 2018

The celtic Canadian group The Barra MacNeils are coming to the Cornwall Aultsville Theatre on May 28, performing songs from their newest album On The Bright Side.

“We’ve played many times there (in Cornwall) but it’s been a few years,” said Stewart MacNeil, one of the group’s musicians.  “It’s nice to be coming back. We have some good friends in the area, so it will be nice to see some folks and catch up with how things are going.”

The Barra MacNeils, a musical group of siblings based out of Cape Breton Island, have been performing and making music together for over 30 years. According to Stewart, the group’s latest album On The Bright Side will contain new music and some of their greatest hits. He thinks that some of the songs will make you feel like you’re in a Cape Breton kitchen party, and others may move you to tears.

“This is the first non Christmas tour we’ve done in Ontario in a number of years and it gives good reason to celebrate,” said Stewart. According to Stewart, the band was invited to play at the 30th annual East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs) earlier this month.
“We got to play some of our new material and it was really well received,” said Stewart.
The new album will contain some songs in Gaelic, some traditional music and some newer, more upbeat songs. Stewart wrote some of the songs himself and he believes that his sister Lucy’s vocals have never sounded better. Stewart is grateful for having the opportunity to perform with his siblings for over 30 years.
“It’s been quite a rollercoaster,” said Stewart. “As time goes on I think it’s something that we cherish more. We appreciate it because I think we know there will be a time when we wont be touring anymore.”
Stewart thinks most of Barra MacNeil’s fans were garnered from touring throughout the world, but he encourages new fans to keep up with the band on social media.
Tickets to their performance can be purchased at the Civic Complex Box Office. To contact the office, call 613-938-9400.