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East Coast Christmas tour highlights

December 13, 2023 – “Amidst this festive setting, for those of us who embarked on the Centre’s bus excursion on December 6, The Barra-MacNeils “An East Coast Christmas” concert stood as a beacon of musical delight. The melodious strains of traditional carols and contemporary holiday tunes filled the air, transporting us into a realm of pure auditory bliss. The skilled musicians with their fiddles, harp, storytelling, and melodic voices, created a harmonious cultural tapestry of Christmas traditions. The resonance of their instruments, coupled with the heartfelt lyrics, evoked a sense of nostalgia and unity, bringing people together in the spirit of the season. The journey itself became an integral part of the Christmas experience, a shared adventure that amplified the joy and wonder of the season.” – Arlene Ling, Cornwall Standard-Freeholder

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