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Sea Shanty, anyone? Join us at the Fundy Sea Shanty Festival!

Regis Phillips / April 2, 2024 /

Photo : Amy Allen

New Brunswickers can head to St. Martins this summer for the third annual Fundy Sea Shanty Festival.

Executive Director Beth Winkle said the idea of the festival came from Creative Director Gary Caines, who had the idea of a festival for a number of years.

Sea shanties were work songs sung by sailors dating back to the 1400s. They were meant to keep time while pulling on ropes for the sails and to relieve the boredom of long, repetitive tasks.

“There’s everything from kitchen parties to performers that have come from around the world that are the best sea shanties world,” said Winkle.

More than 15 solo artists and groups from across Canada will perform from August 9 to 11, such as the MacNeil Siblings from Sydney, N.S, Sean Dagher of Montreal, and Moncton’s RCMP Pipe & Drums Band.

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