Rock In The Stream

The band showcased more of their well-known instrumental groups (Glenpark Medley, Highland Exchange Medley) and breath-taking slow airs (Beautiful Point Aconi, Lauchie Stubbert) on this album.

Added to the instrumentals was a duo-fiddle number where the fiddles were tuned to a high bass (A,E,A,E) tuning. An older traditional style found in Cape Breton.

The band continued to draw upon the wealth of music in Cape Breton using ” The Island” (Kenzie MacNeil) and Coaltown Road and Kitty Bawn O’ Brien (Allister MacGillivary).

Coaltown Road (an accapella highlight ) and The Island( an Anthem for Cape Breton), are still favourites of fans new and old.
The celtic harp was featured very simply in “The Lone Harper” (Lucy MacNeil).

This album was rounded out with Stewart MacNeil and Dave Cross’s debut of their combined songwriting efforts with “Standing By The Subway” and “Red Ice”.

Rock In The Stream was recorded in Toronto at Inception Sound and co-produced by The Barra MacNeils and Fred Lavery.

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