The Barra MacNeils


Their own compositions were shown on their first recording too. Stewart’s “One for Jeffy”. It Fits perfectly beside some of the more traditional sets showing how at ease they are at changing things up a bit without taking away from the music. This album was recorded in 3 days in Halifax, N.S.

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  1. Playhouse Medley (Eating Bonnach/ Drowsy Maggie/Drunken Landlady)
  2. No More Good Times
  3. One For Jeffy (Lovat’s Restoration/ Jig of Slurs/ Angela Cameron/ Mrs. George Johnston of Byker)
  4. The Marquis of Huntly’s Snuff Mill
  5. Three Reels (Trad/ Trad/ Jenny Picking Cockles)
  6. Willie C.
  7. Trip To Sligo
  8. Highland Queen/ Sweeps Hornpipe/Trad Hornpipe/ Devil and The Dirk
  9. Proud Spirit

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